Advantages of Sleeping on Memory Foam

The need for relief from back and neck pain is greater than ever before. More people are spending more time in front of their desks, in front of computers, or performing some form of strenuous labor. When you return home from a long day of work to a lumpy cotton pillow and hard coil spring mattress, your neck and back could be needlessly suffering. Fortunately, innovative technology has been created to relieve such bothersome pain: memory foam.

Memory foam pillows are just one example of a huge relief of neck and back problems. Memory foam is heat-sensitive and it's ability to cradle the head and neck is phenomenal. Memory foam works hard to relax muscles. The result is a more restful and peaceful night of sleep.

Choosing to accompany your memory foam pillow with your ordinary mattress will not give you the full health benefits memory foam has to offer. Whether your ordinary mattress is pocket sprung, coil sprung, or ordinary foam, think about how it forces your body to conform to its rigid surface. Compare this to retreating to your bed after a hard day and resting on a Memory Foam Mattress: your body starting to relax, just sinking into the memory foam, melting the stress from your day away. The foam will gently conform to the shape of your body-the natural hollows in your neck, shoulders, back and knees, and send you off into a tranquil sleep.

Your ordinary mattress will cause pressure, as your body struggles to adapt to the flatness. As pressure around your hips, shoulders, and knees mount, there is a reduction of blood supply, resulting in unavoidable discomfort. As the small of you back is left in mid-air, unsupported, extensive discomfort is caused, especially for chronic back pain sufferers. Your sleep could become interrupted as you may wake up while altering your sleeping position. This interferes with your need for deep sleep, where bodily functions slow down and your blood pressure is lowered, giving relief to your cardio-vascular system.

A memory foam mattress can provide you with the restful sleep you need without tossing and turning.

Every year, more and more companies are selling memory foam mattresses because of the substantial benefits provided for those who sleep on them. Memory foam has several unique properties that provide for a comfortable sleeping experience.

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