Mattresses and pillows made of latex foam are a luxurious and naturally restorative sleeping accessories that provide an extraordinary level of body therapy and support. Because of the inherent elastic but firm qualities of latex, mattresses and pillows made of latex foam do not sag, but conform to the body, offering a relaxing and orthopedically correct sleeping position. Additionally, these same qualities allow mattresses and pillows to last for decades, with no need for flipping, rotating, or replacement.

Latex also does not body moisture, allowing for sleeping accessories to stay clean and dry through the years. The inherent qualities of latex allow prohibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and other organisms, making latex foam mattresses and latex foam pillows totally hypo-allergenic.

Moreover, because of the unique cell structure of the rubber tree, the source of the latex used in these products, the latex has an unprecedented level of breathability, allowing sleepers warmth in the cool seasons, and coolness in the hot summer months.