There is no debating that the pillow you choose to sleep on can be one of the biggest factors in the quality of sleep you're getting. And there is little arguing that the quality of sleep you get is imperative in your daily life! That's why it's incredibly important to put as much thought into your pillow choice as it is choosing other important items that you use daily!

People who sleep on latex foam boast a sounder, deeper, more restful sleep. Because of the elastic qualities of latex foam, and it's ability to conform to the neck and head while remaining firm enough to support them, latex pillows are quickly becoming the most popular choice of pillow.

Latex pillows never need to be fluffed, shaped, bunched or folded to achieve the shape you want. Latex pillows always shift back to their original shape, and they never sag, break apart, flatten or become flaccid.

The cervical vertebrae in your neck need a superior level of support. These qualities of latex foam pillos allow the sleeper a comfortable, care-free sleep, where they can shift into any position, and assure the latex will cradle the neck and head the way it's meant to be supported.