Memory foam is sensitive to the heat of the human body and has the amazing ability to automatically adjust to body weight and temperature. The result is sleeping like a king or queen, not only because memory foam removes bothersome pressure points that interfere with a restful sleep, but also because memory foam aids in relieving aches and pains that build up throughout the work day.

The benefits of memory foam have expanded. From NASA to hospital beds to the comfort of your own home, memory foam has proved time and time again that the benefits from sleeping on it are too good to not try. Imagine the wonderful relief a memory foam pillow would provide for you. Now imagine if you slip a memory foam mattress topper underneath your entire body.

A memory mattress topper is a more economically friendly way to relieve your neck and back pain. Memory foam mattress toppers carry the same great benefits as a memory foam mattress, but are more affordable and easier to transport. A memory foam mattress topper is a two or three inch thick cut of material that would match the size of your mattress.

Many people find that it is more convenient and affordable when facing neck and back pain to purchase a memory foam mattress topper to fit comfortably on top of their existing mattress. The great health benefits carried by memory foam include reduced pressure points during sleep and a heat sensitive molding to your body.