Latex is a derivative of the Hevea Brasilinesis, or the "rubber tree", and is a natural, biodegradable product. The sap from these trees is collected through an advanced tree-cutting procedure, and is then shipped as a milky substance to factories that produce latex products.

As it is derived from the rubber tree, which is found in tropical locations such as Africa, Indonesia, South America and Sri Lanka, it has a superior level of elasticity, breathability and perhaps most importantly, durability. Additionally, the qualities of the rubber tree also allow producers to work with a wide range of firmnesses and densities. The combination of these qualities produces products like latex foam pillows and mattresses that are of a superior quality to most other traditional pillows and mattresses.

Natural organisms like bacteria, mold and mildew cannot thrive in latex, and as such, latex is hypo-allergenic. As a matter of fact, while these organisms can live and multiply in many types of standard, traditional mattresses and pillows, the natural qualities of latex prevent this from happening in latex products.

Latex has long-lasting durability as well. Most forms of latex can last (optimally!) for up to 30 years.