Ogallala Monarch Goose Hypodown® Comforter/Duvet

Ogallala Comfort Company
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Ogallala Comfort Company

The Monarch is made of soft, long staple cotton sateen bordered by a satin piping that brings you warmth anywhere you need to relax. Its classic box design is baffled for consistent appearance and warmth. And its 300 thread count cotton is a gentle nest that caresses a sleeping body from dusk until dawn.

Select your fill weight. The higher the fill power, the higher the down content:
Hypodown 800 - 85% goose down cluster
Hypodown 700 - 80% goose down cluster
Hypodown 600 - 75% goose down cluster

Three Generation Guarantee: If Hypodown comforter/duvet wears out, the manufacturer will replace it, even if it has already been handed down through the generations.

Fill weight in ounces Arctic Classic Southern
Twin 68" x 88" 36 oz 24 oz 19 oz
Full 80" x 88" 42 28 22
Queen 90" x 94" 46 31 24
Super Queen 98" x 98" 55 37 29
King 104" x 88" 53 36 28
Super King 115" x 110" 69 47 37
Grand King 108" x 98"      

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Allergic to down? Choose Hypodown.
Hypodown combines two natural fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night's sleep, even if you have allergies to down. Hypodown is 80% Goose Down and 20% Syriaca Clusters, a natural fiber that dust mites do not like.