Harvester Hypodown Pillow, 800 Loft, Medium - Standard

Ogallala Comfort Company
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This Hypodown pillow practically guarantees sweet dreams. People become so attached to it that they take it on planes, long car rides or anywhere else they need to rest their neck and eyes. The Harvester series features unbleached, chemical-free 312-thread count fabric, making it the choice for those who crave a natural night's sleep. It is edged with cotton piping, filled with natural Hypodown, and rests in perfect harmony with the environment.

What is Hypodown®?
Hypodown is made up of Goose Down and Syriaca clusters.The down cluster component of Hypodown meets or exceeds standard down testing requirements. The higher the fill power, the higher the down content.

What are Syriaca Clusters?
Syriaca clusters are hypoallergenic and stabilize the components in down that cause allergic reactions. They come from the Asclepias plant, commonly known as milkweed.


  • Hypodown wicks moisture away from your body 30% faster than down alone and 70% quicker than synthetics
  • Light weight encourages circulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stands the test of time and lasts upwards of ten years

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Allergic to down? Choose Hypodown.
Hypodown combines two natural fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night's sleep, even if you have allergies to down. Hypodown is 80% Goose Down and 20% Syriaca Clusters, a natural fiber that dust mites do not like.