Organic Wool Pillow

Savvy Rest
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Savvy Rest

The Savvy Rest wool pillow features a 50-50 blend of organic wool fiber and organic wool "bolus" (pron. BO-luss). Wool bolus is made up of little balls of wool that are lighter and less prone to compaction than standard wool batting.

What's great is that, like their shredded latex pillows, the Savvy Rest wool pillow can be customized for each individual's sleeping needs! It comes overstuffed. Just unzip the casing and remove fill to personalize the height and feel of the pillow.

  • 50-50 wool fiber/bolus blend
  • Customizable for sleep needs
  • Standard, queen & king sizes
  • Read about Savvy Rest Certifications
Green Guide Co-op America Greenguard certified (Gold Level) Global Organic Textile Standard OTCO